Cutting edge healthcare compliance assessments, tools and workshops built with your business in mind. 

RiskShield Tools is a groundbreaking platform consisting of healthcare regulatory compliance assessment tools, educational resources and extraordinary follow-up for healthcare business owners who want to stay ahead of healthcare regulatory compliance risks.

We all know the current healthcare compliance consultant options that exist for healthcare providers are fragmented and often lack coordination with legal counsel. The HIPAA consultant does what he does, the CLIA consultant does what she does. The billing and coding consultant…same thing. They tend to not coordinate with healthcare lawyers and are unknowingly exposing your business to major regulatory risk.

Many healthcare laws do not discriminate between a small healthcare business and a community hospital, or allow any leeway because one is a sole practitioner. The risk for all healthcare businesses is real, and being uninformed (whether purposefully or not) does not alleviate your obligations. Moreover, as insurers uses compliance issues as a basis for denying or delaying payment, getting it right is an important feature in protecting cash flow and de-risking your business’ bottom line.

Our comprehensive tools are compatible with what you may have already in place, identify and cover gaps (areas no one thought to assess) and square regulatory compliance input with any consultant input you may already be receiving. We built RiskShield Tools to be better than anything on the market so you can get the confidence you deserve with the compliance you need.

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Stacy C McKenzie
Clinical Laboratory
CPB Director of Administration, Dynix Diagnostix

Risk shield was very instrumental in strengthening our compliance for our Human Resources SOP’s and HIPAA regs.The team came out to our facility for our on-site visit. We walked through all steps involved with HR from inception of employee to their release. They touched on payroll, benefits and how changes happen year to year specifically as it relates to regulations.I would absolutely recommend Risk Shield. It has given me peace of mind and allows me to focus on operations and serving the employees we hire.

Home Healthy Agency Owner

I own a home health agency and am always concerned about complying with the healthcare laws that seem to change every day. I do my best to ensure compliance, but suspected there is simply no way to get it right all the time without help. That’s why I called on RiskShield. Their comprehensive healthcare regulatory assessment and report gave me the clarity, confidence and peace of mind I was looking for!

Spine Care
Practice Administrator

I’m the Administrator of a successful surgical practice. Keeping up with all the regulations that apply to us is almost a full time job. One of the areas we knew we needed to improve on was our human resources practices. And for that reason, we called on RiskShield to come on site and do a two hour workshop on the issues. We were so impressed that we had them audit and prepare a template file we could use that ensure compliance with all the HR laws. Having an presentation, process and documents really gave us comfort. That was money well spent and potentially huge risk avoided! They were great.

Clinical Laboratory Owner

We own a successful clinical laboratory with 13 sub-specialties of licensure and are in our 2nd year of operation. We have found that with in the clinical health care space, laws and regulations surround the clinical lab space change so fast that we need guidance and monitoring to help us interpret these changes and to stay abreast of compliance. We found RiskShield through our attorney. They made understanding changes in rules and compliance from state and federal levels very easy to understand and very comprehensible. Their team of compliance officers working with our attorneys worked together with our executive team to solidify structure, guidance, and compliance with in our organization all under the attorney client privilege. Risk Shield gave us the ability to focus on what we do best and that is providing great anatomical and clinical pathology lab services to our clients. We are so very grateful to have used RiskShield and would absolutely recommend their services to anyone that face today’s complexities of health care regulation and compliance. I can promise you will see and feel the results as an organization… Thanks RiskShield

Orthopedic Practice
Controller/Legal Liaison

We’re a large, multi-location orthopedic practice and wanted to be certain our healthcare regulatory exposure was handled. We had a great coder ensuring compliance on that end. We had other bits and pieces of compliance in place, but we were unsure how experienced healthcare lawyers would view our practice’s regulatory compliance. And we wanted to make sure the process was conducted under attorney client privilege. That’s why we called on RiskShield to work alongside our attorney. We were surprised at the scope of the assessment conducted by RiskShield and their plans to plug the “holes” we didn’t know were there. We got far more than we hoped for!