Our clients understand that compliance is just the beginning. Providers who pledge an ongoing commitment to compliance have better regulatory relationships and ultimately a stronger platform for expansion and revenue optimization. Additionally, payor auditors, accreditation surveyors, and government investigators recognize and often commend effective implementation as well as progress. A good faith effort to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable law showcases a commitment to getting it right, which does not go unnoticed.




Chyrsalis ABA Therapy Logo“One Solution. Better Compliance”

“Being in the Behavioral Health service industry is an exciting field. Compliance is the number one factor that indicates your Agency’s success or failure. Proper navigation and experience is required, to upkeep with all the latest technology’s and constant law changing rules/regulations in the Health Industry. The team at RiskShield has allowed me to focus on running my busy ABA therapy facility, while giving me the confidence that we are on top of our compliance requirements. Valery is an essential part of our team now and her industry knowledge and operations expertise is exceptional. We no longer need to hire out across multiple consultants for our compliance needs. Fantastic platform and phenomenal client service!”

Beatriz Kouracles, MBA, BCBA, LBA

“Their assessment gave me peace of mind”

I own a home health agency and am always concerned about complying with the healthcare laws that seem to change every day. I do my best to ensure compliance, but suspected there is simply no way to get it right all the time without help. That’s why I called on RiskShield. Their comprehensive healthcare regulatory assessment and report gave me the clarity, confidence and peace of mind I was looking for!

Eric Smith, CEO

“We avoided huge regulatory risk”

“I’m the Administrator of a successful surgical practice. Keeping up with all the regulations that apply to us is almost a full time job. One of the areas we knew we needed to improve on was our human resources practices. And for that reason, we called on RiskShield to come on site and do a two hour workshop on the issues. We were so impressed that we had them audit and prepare a template file we could use that ensure compliance with all the HR laws. Having an presentation, process and documents really gave us comfort. That was money well spent and potentially huge risk avoided! They were great.”

Practice Administrator

“More comprehensive than our other consultants combined”

“We’re a large, multi-location orthopedic practice and wanted to be certain our healthcare regulatory exposure was handled. We had a great coder ensuring compliance on that end. We had other bits and pieces of compliance in place, but we were unsure how experienced healthcare lawyers would view our practice’s regulatory compliance. And we wanted to make sure the process was conducted under attorney client privilege. That’s why we called on RiskShield to work alongside our attorney. We were surprised at the scope of the assessment conducted by RiskShield and their plans to plug the “holes” we didn’t know were there. We got far more than we hoped for!”


Luschka Delgado, Esq. CFO, CCO, & General Counsel

“RiskShield Made Us Stronger”

“RiskShield was very instrumental in strengthening our compliance for our Human Resources SOP’s and HIPAA regs. The team came out to our facility for our on-site visit. We walked through all steps involved with HR from inception of employee to their release. They touched on payroll, benefits and how changes happen year to year specifically as it relates to regulations.I would absolutely recommend RiskShield Tools. It has given me peace of mind and allows me to focus on operations and serving the employees we hire.”

Stacy McKenzie, CPB, Director of Administration

mock ahca survey“Passed AHCA inspection with flying colors”

“We contacted RiskShield to perform a mock AHCA survey and assess our compliance and their process and response exceeded our expectations. The help and insight they provided onsite resulted in our passing our AHCA inspection with flying colors. Many thanks to this special team.”

Kip Weatherwax, Director